Spare under table mount for Lagun 605 Table Frame

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Spare under table mount for your Lagun 605 adjustable swivel Table Frame.

if you already have a Lgun 605 this spare under table mount allow more versatility. You can screw onto it a 2nd larger or smaller table. Possibles uses will vary a bit depending upon whather you Lagun Swvel Table frame is used a as an RV Table leg or a Marine Table leg in your boat.

Some possible uses are:

RV or Campervan
- a second smaller table perhaps coffee table size so you can swap tops from your larger dining table or it using outdoors (with a base plate mount)
- a mount plate for a BBQ - especially if using on the outside of the van.

Boat or Marine
- a smaller table top can be fitted especially if using in the cockpit.
- attach a BBQ to it for ease of use
- attach a bait board to it to make cleaning and gutting fish easy.

If you haven't seen the Lagun swivel table in action go to and check out the video demo at The complete frame is supplied with an under table mount for your first or main table. This spare under table mount just gives you even more flexibility when using your amazing Lagun Swivel Table leg.

See picture for more details as to the part that you are buying.
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