Pivotion Hull Knob - White Colour

Brand: Pivition RailGrip
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Brand: Pivotion
Product: Hull Knob
Colour: White

The Pivotion Hull Knob can be fitted permanently to your boat. It is 20mm in diameter.

The Pivotion Hull Grip has a wide range of accessories to allow for different functions on board. For example, you can attach a 'Pivotion Rail Holder' onto the Pivotion Hull Knob which will house your thermos, bottle, can, mobile-phone, sun glasses, or fishing lures etc. Another Pivotion accessory is the 'Triple Hook' where you can hang ropes, nets, cushions, life jackets, towels or bags etc.

The Pivotion Hull Knob is very simple but effective in design, and is very practical. View our full range of Pivotion products.

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