Below are some links to other websites that offer great products and good value for money.


So Music - affordable musical instruments and accessories online

Buy musical instruments and accessories direct from So Music, the importer, and save.  So Music have a great range of amplifiers, stage lighting, acoustic guitars, classic guitars, ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, keyboards, flutes, clarinets, saxophones, music stands, speaker stands, trumpets, cornets, trombones, bugles, harmonicas, violins, cellos, bongos, congas and other latin percussion, bagpipes and many other instruments and accessories. You name it So Music probably has it.


So Euro affordable furniture online

European and Scandinavian inspired furniture and lighting at great prices.  So Euro NZ has a great range of replica barstools, chairs and contemporary lighting products are great prices.


Caza Sports for boxing and martial arts gear online

Caza Sports products with a range of affordable boxing gloves, punching pads, head guards, karate gi’s, golf gloves and other boxing, martial arts and sports equipment.


Lithovit Biogro approved foliar fertiliser

CO2 foliar fertiliser - BioGro approved. Lithovit uses nanotechnology to finely mill and charge particles that penetrate the plant leaves and break down to form CO2  from within the plant.  See the results for yourself.


Shooaway the chemical free way to keep flies off your food

Shooaway NZ for the innovative, chemical free way to keep flies aware from your food when dining and cooking outdoors.


Rainbow and Brown an NZ manufacturer of herbicides

Rainbow & Brown are a Rotorua, New Zealand based manufacturer of herbicides such as Glyphosate, MSF and other weedkillers and adjuvants for pasture control.


Birdsong Lodge - near Kruger Park - South Africa - great well-priced self-catering lodge not far from Kruger Park.  Self-catering accomodation is quite rare in the area so this represents great value for anyone wanting to head off on their South African or Kruger Park experience.