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This set of accessories is fantastic for your boat, garage, caravan, etc. Store and organise, this is the name of the game with these products.

These products are quality ++++++ and made in Sweden. The innovative design is perfect for many situations. This accessories set includes:

  • 1 x Pivition Rail Grip (blue/white) - The Rail Grip can be fixed in 1 second to pulpit or push pit rails, stanchions, handrails and other similar tubing’s. You can then attached the following products to it.

  • 1 x Pivition Rail Organiser (white) - a holder / storage device for your phone, fishing lures, sunglasses or numerous other items. Manufactured in UV-resistant plastic. Size is 105 x 110 x 39 mm. It can be attached to the Pivotion Rail Grip, or Hull Knob.

  • 1 x Pivition Rail Hook 85mm (white) - The Rail Hook is three hangers in one! Manufactured in stainless steel 316AISI. Size is 85 x 140 mm. Hang your ropes, bags and numerous other items on this hook. It can be attached to the Pivotion Rail Grip, or Hull Knob.

  • 2 x Pivition Hull Knobs (white) - The Hull Knob can be fitted permanently and is 20mm in diameter. You can attach a Rail Organiser, Rail Grip, Rail Hook and Rail Holder onto the Pivotion Hull Knob to house many products.

  • 1 x Pivition Rail Holder (white) - The Pivotion Rail Holder 70 is a holder for bottles, cans and mugs with a diameter of 70 mm maximum. It is manufactured from UV-resistant plastic. It can be attached to the Pivotion Rail Grip, Flex Knob or Hull Knob.

The Pivotion range of accessories are very simple but effective in design, and is very practical.

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